Meet Jessica


I like to think of myself as a storyteller. Every photo session I do is a snapshot in the life of a family in their home or favorite part of nature. I want to capture the small moments that make a person or family unique.

My love of photography started in high school when I worked for the newspaper and then yearbook, but I didn’t really get into it seriously until my first child was born. With a permanent (albeit sometimes unwilling) subject, I gained lots of practice.

My first camera was a 35mm film camera that a friend was going to throw away. I spent all of my birthday money buying film and paying to get the pictures developed. In college I moved on to a point-and-shoot camera, but felt really limited in what I could accomplish. My first DSLR was a Canon Rebel T3, which taught me all the basics of hands-on photography. These days I shoot on a Canon EOS 6D.

I was born and raised in southern Louisiana, attended college in Wyoming (where I met my South Dakotan husband), and now reside in Western Michigan. I’ve traveled from coast to coast and border to border.