The natural joy of children can be so hard to capture, but my goal with every session is to find that spark of happiness in a child and fan it, even if it means I have to make silly faces or sounds to elicit a smile. I like to capture a mix of posed pictures and candid shots where their true personality shines through.

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Births are my favorite to photograph, but also the hardest! My goal with each birth is to capture the journey from the beginning of labor to the newborn checkup, making sure to document key moments like the intensity of labor pains, the exhilaration of baby being born, and the settling in to the new normal of having a newborn.

Each birth is different, and each person laboring has a different goal in mind as to what parts they want documented, so I do a pre-birth interview with every client to ensure I have their vision in mind.

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For newborn photography, I prefer to do lifestyle newborn photography with no props or heavy posing. Usually, this is done within your home or at the SnapJoy Studio in Grandville. All I need is a room with a window and a full baby.

I capture a few images of baby alone with a favorite blanket, in a crib, or with some other item(s) that have meaning to you. I’ll also take pictures of baby with any caregivers, siblings, or other special people you’d like to include. Though some pictures will be more posed, I like to capture more natural scenes where baby is being held and loved in a way you would if I weren’t watching. If you are comfortable with it, I will also photograph a feeding session and baby being changed.

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I am available for portrait photography, both senior and professional, outdoors at a location of your choice or in studio at SnapJoy Studio in Grandville.

Fall Mini Sessions 2016 [Sold Out]

Fall is just around the corner! Get a few pictures of your family while the leaves are changing color. These mini sessions are a quick 20 minutes each and scheduled back-to-back, giving you a bit of a discount from my usual rate. 🙂

You’ll pay for your session below and at checkout, let me know what times you are available. I will contact you ASAP to set up a firm time for your session. If we can’t find a time that we’re both free, I’ll refund you the cost of the session.

When: October 15, 2016 from 3pm – 6pm
Where: Hawthorn Pond Natural Area in Holland, MI
Cost: $30 for 15-20 edited images (you receive full rights for printing)

Currently Available: